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Our history

 Here we are: from our inception as "The Four Neet Guys" (1985-1987)  to "Speakeasy" (1989-1992) to "The Sound" (1992-1997), to the unnamed  quartet which eventually became the quintet "elmoTHUMM" (1998-2011)  to "THUMMp" version 1 (2011), "THUMMp" version 2 (2012), and  finally "THUMMp" as you know us today (Summer 2012-present).

Exceptional Performers

Four of the previous incarnations of THUMMp have been award-winning, especially elmoTHUMM.
Voted "Best in the Midwest" numerous times and considered one of the pioneering acappella groups in the U.S. during the 2000s.

More to this website soon.

We hope to gather photos, videos, audio, and testimonials.  
Maybe before we die.  

As you can see, we're a little busy at the moment.

Contact new and old members.

We all have email addresses, so even if you're trying to find a guy from years gone by, you can get in touch, whether it's Paul, Tom , or any of the current members of THUMMp.

Facebook pages


 If the guys agree, we will put links to their pages here for you,
as well.
The elmoTHUMM Facebook page is dead and gone,
but THUMMp lives on.

We hope to develop soon, as well.

- eT